Best Places to Visit in Kasol

The village is renowned by the name ‘mini Israel of India’ owing to the fact that there’s a huge number of Israeli people who come to explore this part of Himachal Pradesh. With a number of places to visit in Kasol and around it, your time spent here won’t go unproductive.

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Malana Village - 25 km from Hotel

Malana is an ancient Indian village in the state of Himachal Pradesh. This solitary village in the Malana Nala, a side valley of the Parvati Valley to the north-east of Kullu Valley, is isolated from the rest of the world. The peaks of Chanderkhani and Deo Tibba shadow the village.

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Magic Valley - 22.6 km from Hotel

Magic Valley is located higher up near the village of Malana and is a tranquil place with plantations and has no village but only campsites. It is akin to becoming one with nature and watching the magical skies in the night full of shooting stars and listening to the songs of the mountains.

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Manikaran Sahib - 1.5 km from Hotel

Believed to be visited once by the first religious leaders of the Sikhs, Guru Nanak, the Gurudwara at Manikaran Sahib is one of the most revered pilgrimage sites in Sikhism and is one of the best places to visit in Kasol.

Location- Hari Har Ghat, Manikaran Road, Distt. Kullu, Manikaran, Himachal Pradesh

Timings- Open 24 hours

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Nature Park Kasol - 1.5 km from Hotel

Nature Park is one of the idiosyncratic places to visit in Kasol. Engulfed by a peaceful atmosphere, the park has access to the mesmerizing Parvati River which flows through the worn-out rocks, making rumbling sounds.

Location- Nature Park, Kasol, Himachal Pradesh- 175105.

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Parvati River - 100 m from Hotel

Originating from the ManTalai Glacier, the calming waters of the Parvati River are definitely one of the requisite Kasol attractions. The meandering river flows north through Parvati Valley cascading into River Beas near Kullu. A chance to leave behind the fracas of life for some time, you can feel the tranquil rumbling of the rocks as the water gushes.

Location- Parvati Valley, Himachal Pradesh

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Kheer Ganga Peak - 22.6 km from Hotel

Amongst the best places to visit in Kasol, Kheer Ganga showcases the panoramic beauty of the lush green hills and clear skies. A holy place, it lies at the extreme end of the Parvati Valley, transfixing you with the skies that are bluer and the hills that are greener than usual.

Location- Parvati Valley, Kasol

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Tosh Village - 20.5 km from Hotel

Located at an altitude of 2,400m above sea level, Tosh is a small village located on the banks of River Tosh. Situated at one edge of the Parvati Valley, Tosh is an offbeat destination in Kasol that attracts a lot of tourists from across the country because of its scenic beauty.

Location- Parvati Valley, Himachal Pradesh

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Manikaran Hot Springs - 1.5 km from Hotel

This place to visit in Manikaran is a natural geological marvel, full of hot boiling water that is rich in Uranium and radioactive substances. The water within is considered auspicious and said to have healing properties for the human body that can cure skin and other disorders.

Timings- 7am to 10pm

Entry Fee- There is no entry fees for the visitors.

Location- The spring is located near Gurudwara Manikaran Sahib.

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Shiv Mandir, Manikaran - 1.5 km from Hotel

At a towering height of 1760 meters, Shiv Mandir in Manikaran is one of the remarkable Kasol tourist places. It is an ancient Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Shiva where he is worshipped in the form of a Shivalinga. Besides, the Shiv Mandir is immensely popular for its hot water springs and mountainous landscape.

Location: Ram Mandir Marg, Manikaran, Himachal Pradesh- 175105

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Chhalal Village - 3.7 km from Hotel

One among the Israeli abodes in Kasol, Chhalal Village is one other place to visit in Kasol for tourists that look out for small attractions in the city. Redefining the beauty of nature and blending in Israeli culture, Chhalal is a quite wonderful place to spend a day. One can trek to this village witnessing the mystic atmosphere of the place.